Walk and Roll 

Walking and biking is fun! It is also a great way to get to school every day, even if you don't live close by. "Park and Walk" locations have been established on Jones Road across from the Sunset Valley Police Department in the Burger Center parking lot (west of the school) and in the parking lot next to The Bread Basket (east of the school).


Students that carpool or ride the bus are also eligible to participate in the Walk and Roll program. Walking, biking, carpooling and riding the bus all save gas, reduce pollution and decrease traffic in front of the school.


Adults can help lead Bike Trains, Walking School Buses or serve as volunteer Crossing Guards at the neighborhood intersections on either side of the school. 


Student Registration For Walk and Roll - ONLINE

In order for your student’s commutes to be counted, you must register.

  • First - fill out the Walk and Roll registration form so that we know to send a tag and zip tie home with your child.
  • Once you receive the tag and zip tie, go to HERE and create a new account under the “Log In” button.
  • These are step by step instructions for registering with the HUB.
  • When you register, you will need to enter the school Group Code – XMTPSN - and your Scan Tag Code located on the back of your tag card.  Under Commute Distance, enter the commute distance of the round trip.
  • If you have more than one commuter, there is a “Link another child” option.  Once you’ve created your first child’s account go back to The Hub main page.  Click on “View your information” under “My Account”. Under “My Children” you should see the first child you registered and under that is a “Link another child” option.  You will need to enter the Group Code again and their scan tag code.
  • If you would like to receive an email each time your child swipes in, check the “Scan Event” in your Edit Profile screen.

You can also register by paper. Print, fill out and return this form to your student's teacher through their Monday folder.


Replacement Tags

Your child will receive a free tag when they are registered. If their tag has been misplaced you can purchase a new one here for $2.


More Information

Learn more about getting started here. Still have questions? Email walkandroll@ssvpta.org



We are so grateful to our wonderful sponsors! Thank you for investing in our kids and community!  Want to become a sponsor? Contact president@ssvpta.org


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