Sunset Valley PTA Teacher Grant Program

The Sunset Valley Elementary PTA has established a Teacher Grant Fund, Grade Level Grants and a Teacher In-service/Training Grant for the 2021-2022 school year.   The purpose of these PTA grants is to assist teachers and staff who are PTA members in creating innovative educational experiences for their students. Summaries of the grant programs are included below. To learn more, please consult the  Teacher Grant Guidelines.  **21-22 Request Deadline: Thursday, 5/19 at 12pm**


You may apply for any of these grants through the form linked at the bottom of the page.



Semester and Annual Teacher Grants


The teacher grant program includes two types of grants: 

  1. Semester grant. This program makes funds available each semester for teachers to enhance the educational experiences of the students.  
    • Each classroom teacher may each apply for up to $125 per semester.  
    • Each special area teacher may apply for up to $200 per semester for field trip needs, including reverse field trips, where a person of note in the field comes to campus.
    • Teachers may combine  proposals for shared items or field trips for multiple classes, etc., as long as the total of all items does not exceed $125.00 per classroom teacher, or $200 per special area teacher.  A “shared” grant award counts as a grant for each teacher involved.  
  2. Annual grant.  This program offers funds for a teacher(s) with a vision that would transform the educational experience of children in the classroom or at the school.  Projects that promote innovative, hands-on educational experiences and provide engaged learning will be favored. The PTA has approximately $1,500 to award to one or divide among multiple projects.
    • A teacher may apply for this grant in addition to the semester grant described above.


Program Requirements: 

  1. This program is open to all Sunset Valley Elementary teachers who are also members of the Sunset Valley Elementary PTA. Click here to join the PTA!
  2. The grant funds must be used to provide enhanced or innovative educational experiences to the students, and their use must also fit with school and TEKS guidelines.


If you have questions about the annual and semester grant programs, please reach out to Alison Norman at



Teacher In-Service Funding

The Sunset Valley Elementary PTA is thrilled to offer teacher in-service funding again this year.  Please apply for an in-service grant if you would like to attend training and have a portion of the funds covered by the school and/or the PTA. 


If you have questions about the teacher in-service grant program, please reach out to Cheryl Niehaus at


Grade-Level Funding

$750 is available for each grade level team to buy items for their team/area.  $500 is available to each essential area, the librarian, and the counselor to buy items for their team/area.  Please apply for a grade-level grant to access these funds. Please remember, these funds are intended for a large grade-level purchase and not individual classroom needs, and requires all members of the team to be PTA members.

If you have questions about the grade-level grant program, please reach out to Cheryl Niehaus at


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